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3 Morning Yoga Exercises You Should Practice on a Daily Basis

Yoga can significantly benefit you in the longer run. Yoga has such a diverse set of exercises, that you will almost always find the one which benefits you the most.

Today, we will specifically share with you some of the yoga exercises which you should practice in the morning. They are highly beneficial and will help you in staying fit.

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1 Mountain Pose:
This Yoga exercise is pretty simple. You have to stand up and join your arms up over the head. You have to put the palms together. Then you have to reach on the right-hand side by spreading and stretching your body. You have to ensure that the palms are touching each other all the time. Similarly, you have to move to the left as well. You can do up to 5 sets of this Yoga exercise. The stretching ensures that your body becomes more flexible and also it can be counted as light cardio exercises as well.

2 Downward dog:
You have to get in the plank pose and thereafter, you have to move your hips upwards. You have to attend the position and hold this position for up to 10 breaths. You have to repeat this for at least 5 times. It will help you in activating almost each and every muscle in your body. As a result, it can be considered a full body exercise which is highly beneficial in the morning.

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3 Chair pose squats:
You have to 1st and foremost get in the squatting position and you have to thereafter bend your knees as if you’re trying to sit on the chair. This will help you in engaging the core. You have to hold this position for one breath before straightening out your legs. You have to repeat this exercise at least 10 times in the morning. With the help of this exercise, not only you will be able to strengthen your core but also you will be able to warm up for the day as well.

Thus, when you’re looking for the yoga exercises which you can easily practice in the morning, these are the few exercises which you should definitely look at. With the help of these exercises, you can easily stay fit and also make your body much more flexible than normal. Also, all of these exercises are easy to practice as well which ensures that you do not need to go through the learning curve.


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