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The Most Beautiful Athletes in the World


The 25 Most Beautiful Female Athletes in the World Today

The most beautiful women in the world of sports, incredible, inspiring, and talented women.

The world of sports is dominated by some inspiring athletes, and today we wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the most beautifully resilient, intelligent, and hard-working women that we feel are crushing it. Most Beautiful Female Athletes train tirelessly for the next challenge and look damn good doing it. They hold within them a sense of sophistication and sheer beauty mixed with their raw power and a desire to never give up. They’re living, breathing goddesses. 

And so, without further ado, we’re proud to present the Top 10 most empowering and beautiful female athletes rocking the world of sports today.

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Alex Morgan

Of course, how could we not mention America’s Soccer Sweetheart? Alex Morgan has always had the raw strength and the drive to push herself further, the gold medalist has proven herself time and time again.  A gifted player, she’s got one of the most toned and beautiful bodies in sports that makes her an instant sex symbol. Her training regimen makes sure she’s always sporting the lean and toned look, and she always sets audiences’ hearts ablaze when she steps out into the field.

Alex Morgan SI Swimsuit
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn has mature beauty that can only be forged with the experience that comes with it. A former World Cup Ski-Racer, Lindsey has appeared in the esteemed magazine Sports Illustrated a total of 3 consecutive times and has even had a documentary made based on her rise to fame. That’s a seriously impressive list of accomplishments that make her an absolute gem. She has a certain sense of allure about her which is playful, sexy, sophisticated, and gorgeous.  

Paige VanZant

If there’s one way to describe the beautiful Paige VanZant, it’s a lover “and” a fighter. The UFC star is popular for her aggressive rush down method of attack, which has earned her an impressive win count. She also has a bit of artistic flair. A tomboy while growing up, the warrior woman has additionally appeared on Dancing with the Stars where she placed 2nd and has even appeared on Chopped where she won the competition. Paige VanZant is a testament to the fact that “strong is indeed sexy” as is evident by her gorgeous and toned arms, ripped abs, and striking facial features.  


Alica Schmidt 

Alica Schmidt has been dubbed the sexiest athlete in the world, and that’s a statement we’re inclined to agree with! The 21-year-old stunning German runner’s tall, sleek, and sexy frame makes her a sight to behold. When she’s not out on the tracks pushing herself to be the best she can be, she’s surely raising up the heat on her IG account, much to her fans’ delight. We for one can’t wait to see her represent her country in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  

Lexi Sun 

Incredibly photogenic, fit, and bubbly, Lexi Sun is the one reason you should take an interest in volleyball as a sport! Originally pursuing soccer, she immediately proved to be talented when trying out for volleyball. Her slender and lean frame coupled with a smile so bright it could light up the entire world, Lexi Sun most definitely earns her spot on our list of athletic goddesses. 

Candace Parker  

A success story in her own right, Candace Parker was coached and critiqued at a very young age, driving her to be the very best basketball player she could be. Now, many years and accomplishments later she’s cemented her place as not only an inspiration to those around her but as one of the most gracefully beautiful women around. Ever the role model, a WNBA Rookie of the year, WNBA champ, and a WNBA MVP x2 are just some of the feathers in her hat. Candace’s million-dollar smile and incredibly toned figure are to die for.

Genie Bouchard 

Genie Bouchard is one of the most accomplished women in tennis, having shot to fame as far back as 2014, the Canadian bombshell absolutely crushes it on the tennis court, all the while maintaining a sexy and slender physique, mixed with such striking and beautiful features. Her beauty strikes a good balance between toned sexiness and girl next door vibes that make her every man’s dream woman. 


Brooke Ence

Brooke Ence is not only an amazon goddess in reality, but she’s also played one on screen! Ence, both CrossFit athlete and a fitness model, has appeared in DC’s Wonder Woman and Justice League and even has her own apparel line, Encewear. She has sculpted her body to perfection and is unapologetically muscular, yet has feminine energy about her that makes her oh-so-very-sexy. 

Ivona Dadic

26-year-old Austrian track and field athlete Ivona Dadic is one ripped, fit beauty. Her abs are slick and defined, and her toned body is a prime example of strength, sex appeal, and gorgeousness. Ivona Dadic has competed in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and her personal best feats include long jumping and javelin in the 800 meters. She finished 25th

Camila Giorgi

Known for her aggressive playstyle on the tennis court, Italian beauty Camila Giorgi also happens to be one of the most attractive women in tennis currently. Recently having finished at No. 76 in her first-ever career 100 Top finish, she’s got the beauty and the skill to prove it. She keeps in such tremendous shape as evident by her incredibly toned and long legs, well-defined arms, and slender figure. She’s as easy on the eyes as she’s talented on the tennis court! 

Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley is the cute chill surfer chick that has a sexy side to her. You know, the kind that landed her on FHM magazine when she was but a high school senior. This wasn’t the end of it though as it’d seem publications and the audience couldn’t get enough of that toned body and warm smile, ending up with her appearing on esteemed magazines, Sports Illustrated and Maxim. Despite those girlishly charming vibes of hers, she’s racked up an impressive career at a time where there weren’t many female surfers, starting by winning her first National Title at just 16. Among her various appearances across other media she’s been on Naked and Afraid, and Hell’s Kitchen, too. 

Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones is a professional hurdler and bobsledder specializing in the 60- and 100-meter hurdles. She also has one of the hottest and most desirable bodies ever. Her long, slender, and toned legs and she amazingly ripped abs accentuate her femininity while simultaneously exuding strength, grace, and beauty. She is an exotic looking woman that mere words alone cannot do justice.   

Mackenzie Dern

We think Mackenzie Dern is so amazing because we love the kind of woman that can kick ass and look sexy while doing so! The Brazilian-born beauty has a magnificent physique that expresses strength and oozes sex appeal, too. Not only is she an UFC fighter but she also practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so she can kick ass in more ways than one. Her beautiful lush hair and clear-cut defined facial features are so gorgeous. Add to that the fact that she’s ripped as hell, and you’ve got a very realistic comic book hero to come to life.  

Aly Raisman

A decorated gymnast and a goddess in her own right, Aly Raisman has trained, and as a result, built the perfect body. She’s toned, she’s thick, and she’s curvy. Having taken an interest in the sport from a very young age, the 2-time olympian has certainly come a long way. Her long, luscious hair coupled with her radiant and glowing facial features serve to make her a surefire hit with the crowds, and many people’s Instacrushes. She is the perfect combination of cute and sexy. 


Skylar Diggins

The strong, beautiful, independent and resilient Skylar Diggins-Smith has a captivating presence that’s only matched with her gorgeous, tall, and fit figure. The 5’9 WNBA player’s career has kept her in top shape, as is evident by her lean but well-defined biceps. Bouncing back from an injury, she was quick to return to top form in 2017, playing 34 games of the season. Her beauty is matched by the fire that fuels her to be the best she can be.

Ellen Hoog

Field Hockey superstar Ellen Hoog most definitely deserves a spot on her for those incredibly toned and muscular legs alone! But aside from her gorgeous features and beautiful, feminine body, the Dutch goddess is also an Olympic gold and silver medalist, and deserves recognition for being one of the hardest working and dedicated gorgeous women out there in the sport.  

Andrea Lee

Because after all, who doesn’t love UFC? It’s a high octane, aggressive, and sexy sport appealing to the adrenaline pumping side of all of us. It’s because of this precise reason why Andrea Lee is a perfect fit for the sport. She’s absolutely cut and toned down to perfection like a comic book superheroine come to life. The UFC up-and-comer holds an incredible record of a total of 11 wins total and was given the nickname “KGB”. When she steps in that ring, she is there to dominate. And assertive, strong women have always been sexy. 

Sandi Morris

Sandi Morris is without a doubt a beautiful, ripped, and sexy woman. The record-holding Olympic Pole-Vaulting goddess is like a masterpiece of a painting in motion. Her tall, curvy figure and ripped abs and legs command one’s attention and is only accentuated by her beautiful facial features and a million-dollar smile. The silver and gold medalist has held a personal best record of 4.95 m in 2016 and has even gone on to match this height again in 2018’s World Indoor Championships.  

Darya Klishina

Russian long jumping athlete Darya Klishina is a breathtakingly beautiful woman. Influenced by her father, himself a former athlete, she focused her efforts on long jumping from an early age and has since placed 1st in various competitions such as the European Junior and Indoor Championships. Her regimen keeps her fit, healthy, and sexy. She’s truly a fitness icon and inspiration. 

Michelle Jenneke

If there’s one woman on this list that needs no introduction, it’s Michelle Jenneke. Training in hurdles since she was 10, Michelle Jenneke is perhaps best known for her being the “Dancing Hurdler” after a pre-warm up dance routine went viral at the 2012 Junior World Championships. She was ranked 10th on 99 Most Desirable Women on way back in 2013, and we can totally see why. Be it her tight, shapely, and toned world-class body or her iconic dance, one thing is a given: she’s always sure to turns heads. 


Elena Delle Donne

What makes Elena Delle Donne a woman to look out for, is her very impressive blend of beauty and hard work. Facing a ton of pressure for her height while growing up, she made her way to the top over time, embracing her strength and height as part of who she is. Delle Donne’s classic blonde look mixed with her gorgeous barbie-esque face makes her stand out from the crowd. has risen to the occasion countless times proving anything is possible when you don’t give up. The WNBA MVP is an absolute beast out there on that court.  

Voula Papachristou

If you ever wanted to know what perfection looks like, please do yourself a favor and look up Greek Goddess Paraskevi Papachristou. This gorgeous triple/long jumper is quick to make an amazing impression as she looks quite possibly flawless in every way possible. Be it that gorgeous smile, those defined shoulders, clear cut abs or that curvy figure, once she’s got your attention, she’ll be sure to keep it. She’s not all looks, however, as she’s racked up a rather impressive rate of success over the course of her fruitful career, most recently placing 1st in the European Team Championships back in 2019.  


Sage Erickson

At a young age Sage Erickson moved to Oahu, Hawaii, and subsequently picked up a board and paddled out, and she’s never looked back. Beginning her competitive career when she was 14, she absolutely crushed it over at NSSA. She sports a really gorgeous and curvy figure that’s a bit less on the cut and ripped end of the spectrum, but really appealing and fit nonetheless, a testament to the fact that keeping fit and beautiful truly is self-expression, and while no two people will look the same, they’ll be happy, healthy and beautiful.

Mikaela Shiffrin

The 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Mikaela Shiffrin is one of the most naturally graceful looking women we have ever seen. The alpine skier exudes a unique sense of class which makes her radiant. Her blonde hair, gorgeously toned body checks all the right boxes of femininity and its aesthetics while showing off her toned figure. This gorgeous goddess has won 66 total World Cup races and is the only athlete to have won a total of 15 races all well within the same calendar year.  

Paige Spiranac

The stunning Paige Spiranac is one of the sexiest golfers in the world! She might be the most beautiful athlete in the world! Paige Spiranac has got the curves and a heck of a mean swing on the golf course to prove it! Having appeared in esteemed magazines like Sports Illustrated Golf Digest, the blonde beauty rose to prominence on social media for her trick-shot videos, gaining 3 million followers+. Right now, Paige Spiranac is on top of her game.




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