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Syd Langston is Beautiful and a True Renaissance Woman

Canadian fitness model Syd Langston is gorgeous in new bikini photos.

Syd Langston
Photos by @joeywrightphoto

Syd Langston is a true renaissance woman. She’s one of the hottest models in the fitness industry currently, one of the great new photographers today and she’s a top influencer. What can’t the woman do? One thing we are for certain, she can rock a bikini.

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What inspired you to begin your fitness journey?

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life – I’ve always been very athletic and into sports. My dad had me on ice skates at the youngest possible age and I continued to play multiple sports competitively throughout high school. I’ve known since my early teens that it would always be my #1 passion and forever be a big part of who I am. 

Syd Langston
Photo by @joeywrightphoto

What are 3 exercises you can recommend for a quick workout session on a busy day?

Jump squats 
Reverse lunges 
Single-leg Glute bridge with booty bands 

What drives you to keep going on rough days?

Knowing that it’s only a temporary feeling and that my future self will thank me for pushing through. 

Syd Langston
Photo by @joeywrightphoto

When preparing for a shoot, what are some differences in your workout regimen?

Definitely do more cardio leading up to the shoot in the morning/evening to make sure my blood is constantly flowing, toxins are sweating out and my carb stores are empty. I also focus on putting most of my energy into glute and quad-focused workouts for a sweet lower body pump. 

How can newcomers on their fitness journey better manage their relationship with food?

Educate yourself! Learn about nutrients, metabolisms, and the relationship between calories in vs energy out. 

Something that’s helped me have a positive relationship with food is to think of my body as a whole different person than who I am – someone that I love and care about (I know that’s a weird way to look at it) I think when you change your perspective and focus more on nourishing a body you love rather than “good” and “bad” food it takes off a lot of pressure and stress. I feel like this gives you more room to appreciate food that makes you feel good (which generally is food that is also good for you) and steers you away from crash diets that end miserably.

That being said… it’s also important to feed your SOUL too. Have a burger here and there – I feel like the stress of restriction is the difference between a fad diet and a healthy lifestyle. 

If you could have one absolute favorite meal of all time that wouldn’t affect your body, what would it be and why?

Seafood Fettuccini Alfredo with BBQ ribs, a garlic bread grilled cheese sandwich, and chicken strips with plum sauce. I feel like there’s no explanation as to why – It would be like heaven on a plate.

Syd Langston
Photo by @joeywrightphoto

Some people could mistake consistency for intensity when trying to get their ideal body. What would you suggest they do to get out of that mindset?

Personally, I think people need to get into the short-term pain and long-term gain mindset. We’re all so focused on achieving things as quickly as possible that we forget about the realistic side of things that nothing appears overnight (especially abs and an a$$ shelf) Consistency is key – Simple as that. 

Do you have any inspiration within the fitness community?

Myself 24 hours ahead because I know I’ll be that much stronger, healthier, and wiser. 

Syd Langston
Photo by @joeywrightphoto

If you could work with anyone in the industry who would you work with?

The main photographer for Fitness Gurls magazine.

What’s your no.1 favorite travel destination for work or vacation?

Australia every time. Specifically Bondi beach.

If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Don’t try to impress anyone but yourself.

Syd Langston
Photo by @joeywrightphoto



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