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Hope Beel Fitness Gurls Cover Athlete

Hope Beel Fitness Gurls cover

She’s a Goddess and one of the most beautiful women in the World. She’s the Fitness Influencer of the Year 2018. And she’s the Queen of Covers for Fitness Gurls Magazine. Hope Beel is your Cover Athlete.

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This is your record 4th cover with Fitness Gurls, and we hope it’s not your last. No woman has ever graced our cover more than you. Why has your relationship with Fitness Gurls been so fruitful?
Wow what an honor! I’ve had a relationship with Fitness Gurls for over five years now. I owe a lot to Fitness Gurls when it comes to my fitness career. You guys were the first to notice me and I’m forever grateful.

We had our first ever Fitness Gurls Fitness Awards and our fans and readers voted you Fitness Influencer of the Year. What does it mean to you that you inspire and motivate so many people?
It’s incredible that a platform like Instagram can help you reach so many people in the world. I try to show a balanced lifestyle that is surrounded by health and fitness but with some fun in between.

You have one of the most beautiful physiques in the world. You also took home the Most Phenomenal Glutes award… but of course… what is your training routine like? What principles do you follow?
Balance is the biggest principle I have. My life doesn’t revolve around eating a certain amount of calories a day or how heavy I can lift in the gym. I simply have a passion for fitness and being healthy and I find some small way to fit it into my everyday life.

Do you have a favorite and least favorite workout/body part to train?
Favorite would have to be legs and glutes because it’s easy for me to train. Upper body is hard for my but I love the challenge. 

Read the rest of her interview in the new issue of Fitness Gurls Magazine.




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