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Harley Cameron is a Fitness Gurls Cover Model

Harley Cameron, Bare Knuckle FC Girl, Is Just Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Harley Cameron Fitness Gurls Cover Model
Photo by @onedopephotographer for Fitness Gurls

With the voice of a diva and the body of a goddess, Harley Cameron is setting the industry on FIRE. She is also the textbook definition of the phrase “Triple Threat”, balancing a singing, modeling, and most recently a wrestling career. The sizzling Aussie beauty gushes about her many talents, keeping in world-class shape, and a genuine love for both wrestling and being treated to the best Bare Knuckle FC action.


You are a true triple threat and that may be selling you short. But you’re a model, a singer, and a professional wrestler.  How did the path for each of those start?

That’s very kind of you to say! Each profession has a different origin, music was definitely my first love. I remember being in high school and saying “when I grow up I want to be a performer !” Which most think is a laughable and unrealistic goal to have, there’s a perception of “how can you make a good living chasing what many foresee as an unrealistic dream” but basically I was working in finance right after school, and my manager Simon Brown heard me sing at a work function and pulled me into his office and said “you are a performer I’m not letting you stay in this company you need to chase that dream” so basically I went for an audition for a lead role straight off the bat, and landed it! I forever will be thankful for him pushing me to do that audition – my career in music has been so wonderful and unbelievable since then! It just takes someone believing in you enough to take the plunge and luckily I had this awesome boss who basically kicked me out of the company to chase my dreams!

Photo by @onedopephotographer

Modeling I have always done since a young age, I think my first job was at 13 modeling for city beach surf in Australia, and I have always loved modeling and worked in different ways in that industry, a big part was fitness modeling when I became a bikini competitor, my first fitness magazine was Natural Bodz and I’ve modeled regularly since then. And as for wrestling, moving to America and living in Orlando where there is such a strong wrestling community here I always had people telling me I would be great at it given my background in fitness and entertainment which essentially are the two core components in wrestling. I’ve been training at Flatbacks Wrestling school Orlando for just over a year now and have amazing coaches Tyler Breeze and Shawn Spears, they really inspired me and pushed me to learn and find a real passion in the sport, I’m excited where this journey takes me. I’m very blessed to do what I love for a living and America has been wonderful in all aspects of my career.

Photo by @onedopephotographer

What was one of your favorite recent moments as a singer and what made it special?

I recently sang at an amazing charity event called “Dream Mania” which was an incredible fundraising event raising money for the Down Syndrome Foundation Florida and had the honor of singing the entrance song “this is me” for The Greatest Showman it was a beautiful and incredible night to be a part of where we saw some amazing kids make their dreams come true in the ring. I remember thinking at that moment that “this is one of the best moments of my life” and always will be. 

Photo by @onedopephotographer

You are a phenomenal model and influencer, with one of the most gorgeous and fit physiques in our industry, how do you stay fit all year round?  You always look incredible every time we see you.

Thank you! I love exercising and always have! I am a qualified personal trainer so ever since studying I found true love and passion for exercise, I think it’s important to incorporate exercises you enjoy doing so that it doesn’t feel like a chore! I train cardio weights and in the ring every week and I’m a very active person so it’s about finding the joy in exercise and the results will naturally come!

How exciting is it to be front row in an exciting sport like Bare
Knuckle FC? 

It’s amazing! It’s definitely a very intense sport and having a front-row seat at every event as a ring card girl has been incredible. I have a lot of respect for anyone who steps into that ring, it takes a lot of guts!

Photo by @onedopephotographer

And wrestling. What is it like to walk to the ring and the crowd go wild and everyone is excited to see you?

I still remember my first match and entering with this extreme excitement and gratitude- that feeling lasted throughout the whole match, it’s why I love wrestling so much, you just feel so alive!

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Fitness Gurls Magazine – Photo by @onedopephotographer



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