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Fitness Gurls Top Instagram Photos Of The Week

Happy Thursday! We’re putting together some amazing things for you guys on Fitness Gurls. One of the best things about our brand is that we have this incredible group of Fitness Gurls Athletes. Here’s a showcase of some of the best from Team Fitness Gurls Instagram post of the Week.

I spy something with my little eye…. something green ?. . Photo @lee_lhgfx

A post shared by Nienna Jade (@niennajade) on

The strength of your mindset will determine your success❤️ ————————————————— Had fun this week shooting for my next workout program at @renegade_yyc for @the_cartelle app! Stay tuned for it…. it’ll be a gooder? ————————————————— Outfit: @ryderwear // loving their new Element Range and Power Trainers as you can tell! You can use Haley10 to get 10% off your order (crazy fast shipping btw). ————————————————— Thank you @thextensionist for keeping my hair on point!! Haley10 for savings there as well? ————————————————— Have an AMAZING Saturday everyone! And remember that YOU ARE Amazing! ❤️

A post shared by HALEY ALMEIDA (@haley.almeida) on

Forgot my name? Read it and weep!!! ??? @shopnoxlife ??I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to finally snag a Lynx necklace? I’ve always wanted a sleek, sophisticated, sexy name plate but every time I looked online the fonts were just not happening. And then, a miracle happened. My talented, inspirational, fierce, gorgeous friend *and former Miss Teen USA sista and BET co-star** @therealkamie just so happened to start her own line of customizable #noxplates and the deal was doneeeee??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ don’t get me wrong, I’m always gonna support my friends’ dreams…but that doesn’t always mean they’re gonna look so fresh ?? Get lynxy and make your own customizable Noxplate (no you don’t have to put lynx if you don’t want ?). Also not to mention, supporting my girl Kamie is a good thing all around: this woman is not only brilliant and one of the hardest workers I know, but she’s on a mission to change the fashion industry with her body positive message and is all around one of the best people I’ve ever met (plus she’s really pretty). @shopnoxlife @shopnoxlife @shopnoxlife @shopnoxlife Yay!! #womenempowerment #girlswhosupportgirls #besties #missteenusa #BET #FInFabulous #lovemyfriends @shopnoxlife #noxbabes #loveyoubabe!!!

A post shared by Savannah Lynx (@savannahlynx) on

Pre leg day workout because after I won’t be able to do this! ? It amazes me how once a certain body part, (my legs) used to be my least favorite body part then becomes your favorite. ??‍♀️ That concept has definitely taught me to love every inch of myself even when I’m not my fittest or toned to my “comfortable standards.” Too many times scrolling I see women altering their body’s via apps or filters. Now a blemish that’s not normally there, I get that. ??‍♀️ But I wish more women were truly confident and loved their body. I feel one way to start doing that is feed your body the food that fuels your body. When you eat well, you feel well and then those changes are on the horizon. It’s time to start loving your true self and all the flaws that you see and others do not. ? • • Socks – @fuelclothing • #saraheevans #fitspo #fitmomsofig #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #fitchick #fitmominspire #legs #fuelclothing #bodypositive #confidence #bodypositivity #loveyourbody

A post shared by Sarah e. Evans (@sarahe.evans) on

Hey Guys? Been slacking lately on social media because of a lot going on. But one thing that has always helped me get through hard times is a good workout. The gym is my escape. The gym is where I can blast my music, forget everyone around me, push, scream, sweat and let it all out ??. – Everyone goes through rough patches.. it’s a part of life. But when people and circumstances knock you down and you feel hurt, confused, betrayed, drained, stressed and overwhelmed… don’t give up! Take a few days to shut off social media, pray, surround yourself with positivity and get back on your feet. You got this!! I believe it you ?? – – Wearing the new @ryderwear element collection and @ryderwearshoes . I’m size S top and XS bottom. Suuuuuper stretchy and comfortable! Code Rachel10 saves you $ #TeamRyderwear #Ryderwear #Fit #fitness #fitspo #motivation #inspiration #fitfam #inspire #gym

A post shared by Rachel Joy (@racheljoyfit) on

**LIFE UPDATE** 1. Still pinching myself over the release of my cover of @fitnessmagsa. I’m still getting to all the comments and texts! Thank you all for the support- some of you for my entire life (heyyy Seis), some for the last several years, and some for a few weeks! No matter how long or how I know you – I APPRECIATE YOU. 2. I’m currently dying on the stair master ? 3. I’m officially a resident of the South Bay!!! The last few weeks have been a little stressful with packing, moving, and unpacking, but I already feel at home and love my roomieee ?. 4. The Tiffany’s box from my story a few weeks ago was not from a man ? I don’t know if I’ve ever got so many DM inquires ?? your girl is still single ??‍♀️ 5. I had two H2H conversations yesterday and was reminded how important it is to PAUSE and smell the freaking roses. (Anyone else not good at this?! ???‍♀️) 6. It’s #Humpday so here’s a “Humpday-esque” photo. Oldie but a goodie by @lee_lhgfx Cardio is over so now my caption is too ?. Crush the rest of your week! . . . . . #teambbcom #Teambodybuildingcom #fitspo #fitgirls #fitglam #earnednotgiven #noexcuses #Ifbb #npc #npcbikini #musclecontest #fitnessmodel #aesthetics #fitnessgurls #booty #strongissexy #sexy #girlswholift #bootygains #squats #growbootygrow #progressnotperfection

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