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Colleen Elizabeth – Interview & New Photos

What can we expect to see from you this year?
I like to keep my projects under wrap but you’ll definitely see me in a couple magazines and expos to endorse products later this year.


How is life as a sponsored athlete for Stance Supplements?
It’s been fabulous so far! The whole team has been extremely laid back and helpful catering to my aspirations as a fitness model. I love the supplements and would never want endorse a company that I didn’t have full faith in their ingredients, performance, and people behind it.


What has been the hardest part of being a Fitness Model?
I think traveling and still finding time to work out and eat healthy. My schedule has picked up and opportunities to shoot with amazing photographers in other cities has increased dramatically. When you’re on the road it’s hard to not eat fast food in airports and I like to try local foods. Most of the time the food is very rich compared to what I usually cook for myself.

What clothing brand is the most comfortable for working out?
I tend to wear a lot of Nike and Adidas but always on the look out for new brands that fit my frame. I have a short torso, small waist, long legs and a tush so most yoga pants don’t fit me. So any companies please reach out to me on Instagram! I always take recommendations.


Do you find supplements to be a big part of your diet or do you strive to achieve nutrition through food?
I think mostly cooking for myself and knowing what I’m consuming. I definitely think the supplements are an added bonus to when my body plateaus and need an extra boost to burn excess fat or get me pumped up to work out.

Is there a quote that has kept you motivated throughout your career?
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams- Eleanor Roosevelt. Cannot get anymore inspirational than to chase your dreams no matter what they are.


What tip can you give aspiring fitness models to help advance their career?
Never give up. I came back into the modeling field not expecting to go very far. I give it my all and keep being persistent with perfecting my craft. So if someone has dreams to become a fitness model, do it! There’s nothing holding you back but putting the effort in and focusing on your body.

For more Colleen Elizabeth:
IG: @mscolleene
Photo by: Steve Smith of @TheNewMeJourney





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