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Professional Wrestler Amber Nova Looks Incredible in Hot New Spread

Red hot wrestling superstar Amber Nova’s beauty & talent is blazing her own path.

Amber Nova Fitness Gurls
Photo by @madcreativity

Being on Impact Wrestling was your TV Debut. What was it like to know this would be broadcast, and that so many wrestling fans will be tuning in? How did you shake off the nerves, if you
had them?

Yes, I did have nerves for my first TV debut with IMPACT Wrestling. I found that I overcame them by thinking back to when I was an EMT with patients in the ambulance and how much adrenaline I had to focus on to get the job done. That helped me calm my nerves knowing that if I could remain centered while helping people in need I could do the same in the ring. 


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Photo by @madcreativity

Right now you’re part of the independent circuit. What has the experience been like, being part of that and working on your career as opposed to signing with one company?

Working on the independent circuit I have been able to get my identity out there in multiple companies, states even countries such as South Africa, London, and Panama. However, the ultimate goal is a full-time contract with a TV company to really showcase my character and the abilities I’ve been perfect in the last six years. 

Did you always lead an athletic lifestyle or did you seek it out when you decided to pursue wrestling?

Yes, I have always had an athletic lifestyle from childhood playing volleyball as a most valuable player, making varsity cheerleader my freshman high school. Even simply riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes growing up. 

Photo by @madcreativity

What kind of workout regimen do you follow in order to be ready for the rigorous work you need to put in the ring?

To prepare me for in-ring competition I do various style workouts in the gym. One I have found to be the best to help control my breathing and cardio is hot power yoga. I just love the sweat sesh!

Who’s your dream wrestling opponent to face off against in the ring?

Who has just one dream opponent? I have quite a few including people today like Natalya, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Britt Baker, Syuri, Tessa Blanchard, etc. Women that I watched growing up Madusa, especially to other women that I’ve seen kill it back in the day like Lorraine Johnson and Penny Banner and we’re talking about Dream opponents so I got to throw in Eddie Guerrero as well that would be an incredible experience. 

Photo by @madcreativity

Being the daughter of a mechanic, you’ve been honest about your love for cars, and that you currently drive a Chevy. When looking into getting yourself a ride, do you always go with American muscle, or do you have any other favorites?

Being the daughter of a mechanic I have always been into classic American muscle and a Chevy girl. However, I really like the new dodge challengers and how they kept that same 70s sports style. My dad did teach me the smarts and what to look for when buying a reliable car. 

As a wrestler, what is the number 1 goal you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

While I’ve enjoyed working the independent circuit, my ultimate goal is a full-time contract with one of the top wrestling companies on TV. 

Photo by @madcreativity

You’ve had matches where you’ve teamed up with a variety of wrestlers, like “ Rebel “ Tanea Brooks, and Kylie Rae. Who was your favorite to team up with, and who would you like to team up with in the future, if you’re given the chance?

I’m usually a singles wrestler but when I have had tags, I had a great time teaming with Kylie Rae Wrestling Sumie  Sakai, and Deonna Purrazzo. If I could tag again with Kylie that would be great.  But if I had my choice of tag partners would be my fellow hometown girl with that I have a lot in common with would be the one and only Lacey Evans. 

Photo by @madcreativity

What’s your pre-match-up ritual? How do you warm up for a big fight?

Before a match, I hydrate well with electrolytes, stretch very well, and say a quick prayer for the safety of myself and my opponent. I also enjoy calling my dad on the way to the event. 



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