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Ali Lee Fitness Gurls Athlete

What’s the one aspect you’d say you enjoy the most about being
a fitness model? 

I love getting to travel and see different places, meet all the different humans and ideally bring something positive from my experience to theirs. That’s what it’s all about for me, getting to connect, share and learn from all the different people and stories. 

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Between putting in time at the gym, getting ready for photo shoots and giving time to your family, how would you say you manage your time? And what would be some advice you can give to others to get the most outta their day? 

I love having my routine and sticking to it. I like to wake up first thing in the morning and cuddle my babies, drinking my BSN Endorush and planning my day before I get outa bed so I can stick to my routine more easily. To me, time management starts with knowing your worth, bc when you know your worth, you won’t give your time to things that don’t feel you or give back to you with interest. Vertically integrate everything. Take yourself seriously even when other ppl think your ambitions are too large, and stay true to your vision. 

As human beings, we all go through ups and downs and have moments of strength and weakness. As a fitness model, what inspires you when you’re down? Coming out of a pretty hard divorce actually inspired me a lot. It reminded me of who I am, the amount of strength I have internally, and that nothing is really negative, everything is just energy meant to be learned from. Once you learn from it, you get to release it. I meditate and write a lot and going into my own core spirit that way keeps me inspired and pulls me up pretty quickly if I ever get down. I’m more of a “go sideways” than a “go down” type of human though.. it’s all a matter of perspective and when you stay humble, the world around you don’t really have the power to sway you too terribly much. 

Do you ever draw any inspiration from the fiction of any sorts? What would be your favorite movie/book/TV show etc. that you’ve taken some inspiration from? 

I don’t really watch a lot of tv or fiction, but comedy is something I studied when I studied acting and I watch stand up to keep me light of heart which steps one to keeping my mind open, and keeping me inspired. I do love house of cards and bloodline and will watch friends and everybody loves Raymond as comfort tv though.

Aside from being a fitness model, you’re also a singer. How did you discover your passion for that?

 I discovered I would be a singer, writer, performer when I was just a tiny thing and I couldn’t help myself but to get on stage. I used to sit in my room when I was really young and face the wall, turn on my cassette tapes of 60’s music and SEE the music against my blank wall. I’d learn the songs inside and out and makeup dances to them and I just knew it made me so happy. Happiness has always been my underlying goal. My dad sexually abused me at a young age and I think I used Music as a way to escape into my own mind and it became somewhat of a healing mechanism. I would also use writing as a form of therapy and would write stories and music as a way to relieve the anxiety I felt that I instinctively knew wasn’t healthy for me to carry around inside me. Bob Marley was right when he said: “when the music hits, you feel no pain” and that’s always been true for me. 


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