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What you should be wearing this Summer

Summer is coming before you know and you know the girls are watching. All you need to do is take care of those details and it will set you apart from the rest of the crowd this summer. Check out these summer essentials every man should have in their closet this summer.

1) Get a good pair of sandals

A simple sandal or thong in brown or black are a summer must this summer. They can be worn with shorts and t-shirts, jeans or a polo. Now I am not taking about plastic flips, Birkenstocks or Tevas. These sandals if you still own a pair are for the yard only. BTW, no man looks sexy in Tevas.

2) No Tank Tops

Of all the guys I have seen wear tank-tops about 8% percent of them can actually pull it off. So I have a general rule to not wear any tank-tops. There are only two exceptions. The first being, if you are at the gym or working out (rock climbing, cycling, hiking). The second is basic Hanes wife-beater tank tops you can buy at Walmart or Target, those are kinda hot.

3) New Pair of Shorts

If you currently own a pair pleated shorts, shorts that are 4” above your knee, shorts that are a faded navy and black, stone colored denim shorts. You are need of a new pair NOW. The new pair of shorts you buy need to be any where from 2-4 inches above your knee depending on how tall you are.

4) New White T-Shirts

White fades and gets dingy, every season you should toss out the old white shirts and purchase yourself a couple new ones. I would also recommend trying on a v-neck… girls think it looks hot.

5) Linen straight legged pants – (Light color)

This is a great alternative to shorts in the summer time, especially if your legs have not seen the sun in 9 months. You get the comfort of a breathable pant and a more dressed up look than shorts, not to mention they will look great with your sandals.

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