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DC Fandome Roundup: The hottest new announcements

The new event was one for the ages.

DC Fandome
Photo Warner Bros Pictures

The COVID-19 pandemic has sure put a damper on a lotta plan including the cancellation of various pop culture events like comic-con. But WB and DC were adamant not to let that stop them from generating huge hype for fans with a plethora of new announcements and trailers for various movies and video games based on beloved DC properties. Join us in breaking down the top 3 of them!

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We kick things off with the brand-new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 starring the beautiful Gal Gadot as the Amazon Warrior Princess. The new trailer was all kinds of epic, retro, vibrant fun with plenty of references to the ’80s, and a ton of new action set-pieces. What makes this trailer different to the others though is that here we FINALLY get a look at Kristen Wig’s take on the apex predator herself, Cheetah. You can rest easy, she doesn’t look like something out of Cats if that’s what you were worried about. Though the shots were placed carefully in the dark, so we still can’t get a proper look at her but it seems like it’s gonna be a pretty faithful take on the character.

Wonder Woman 1984 releases on October 2020.


Since its release in 2017, Justice League has been the topic of controversy, with several fans calling for a Snyder Cut of the movie believing that WB had tarnished the vision of original director Zack Snyder. And years down the line, we now finally have a full trailer for the 4-hour long cut set to premiere on HBO MAX. The trailer shows off plenty of never-before-seen footage including incredibly exciting moments like extended scenes with Cyborg and The Flash, Superman donning the iconic black suit following his resurrection, a redesigned look for villain Steppenwolf, and the big bad himself, Darkseid. Now that sure is a ton of footage for the cut of a movie people said didn’t exist.

The Justice League: The Snyder Cut is set for a 2021 release.


A pleasant surprise was also the trailer for the upcoming Matt Reeves The Batman, a movie that underwent quite the transformation. Originally set to feature Ben Affleck as the caped crusader, Robert Pattinson stepped in to replace him as the movie underwent a dramatic change. Now focused on the early years of Batman’s crime-fighting career, the trailer was dripping with a creepy, damp and gloomy atmosphere, ala Se7en, and places an emphasis on Batman living up to his title of the world’s greatest detective as he solves a series of grisly murders that have a potential connection to his own family. The movie will also feature the origin stories for several of Batman’s rogue’s gallery-like The Riddler, The Penguin, and Catwoman. 

The Batman is currently in production and is set for an October 2021 release.

All this and much more were the topics of conversation over at this month’s DC FanDome event, and with another one headed our way very soon, we’re in for a lot more awesome DC news. Stay tuned for more!




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