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Our 5 Favorite Kate Beckinsale Scenes We Love

We break down the beautiful Kate Beckinsale’s Top 5 Scenes in her career.

Kate Beckinsale
Photo: Getty Images

Are you a fan of Kate Beckinsale like us? She is best known for her work in the Underworld franchise. She is an English actor and model who appears in certain dramas under British production. Kate Beckinsale becomes an exceptionally expensive actress as she has the bigger films under her name. She pulls her audience with acting skills, whether she is doing comedies, dramas, horror, or various titles. She has the guts to pull herself under new titles and make every project a super hit.

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It is hard to choose the best scenes of any actor, but it’s a challenging selection for Kate Beckinsale. However, here we will share the three favorite movie scenes of Kate that are incredible.

Underworld 2003 – Shooting Scene

Underworld 2003 was the debut film of director Len Wisemans. It was the best movie as a cheap, gothic movie defined as the best R-rated movie.

This movie borrows some surfaces from the Wachowskis’ flick, including the gunplay and black fetish costuming. It has the toting gun characters in long, dark coats that make the movie a blast with grimy corridors. Kate Beckinsale plays the role of Selene, who was an elite vampire warrior and a death dealer.

She spends days hunting werewolves but finds the special human Micheal, who gives the unique powers for survival and becomes the last bloodline. Beckinsale holds everything with her presence and lethal physicality. Her acting in shooting scenes was incredible and full of justice with the death dealer.

Esquire – The Sexiest Woman Alive 2009

In 2009 Esquire decided to (aptly) crown Kate Beckinsale as the Sexiest Woman Alive. In honor of that amazing achievement, they got a crew together and shot a high value produced video to celebrate the achievement, and it’s 2 minutes and 42 seconds of our bodacious babe living up to the title! 

Opening with a bit of mystique as Kate Beckinsale, garbed in a chic black overcoat, enters her apartment complex, she ditches the coat to reveal the steamy black lingerie and flaunts her near-perfect figure as Jet croons in the background.
The most memorable moment of the video however has got to be the kitchen counter. Amidst the pots ‘n pans on the counter we’re treated to an intimate couple of classy angles of her figure as she absolutely stuns in purple lingerie and–from the looks of it a very comfy–fur coat. Her sweet with a dash of a saucy smile of hers is the icing on an already sexy cake! 


The video ends in the only possible way a video starring Kate Beckinsale ever could. With her admiring the very same video on her TV in the hottest black underwear, before she walks out the room knowing she’s left jaws on the floor! 

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Jolt 2021 – Movie

Back in June, Amazon Prime surprised fans of the British action star with a new movie titled Jolt, featuring an all-star cast including Beckinsale, Susan Sarandon, and Stanley Tucci, but honestly, they had us at Kate Beckinsale.

This movie seems right up her alley as it features a corrupt old gang boss, a bad-ass chick on the edge ready to be set off, and what looks like tons of entertaining high octane action scenes to satisfy that part of the brain that just wants to see heads gettin’ bashed in and stuff exploding. All the better when it’s a vixen like Beckinsale doing the head-bashing. 

Jolt confirms the exact same sentiment any Kate Beckinsale fan has been shouting from the rooftops ever since Underworld hit theaters; she’s a bonafide action star. She can kick tons of butt and look real fine while doing it, too! From skirmishes on the subway to a full-blown shootout in the midst of a club and even a rather ‘shocking’ (yes, pun intended) scene where our leading lady has a crime boss hooked up to a car battery as she gets ready to deliver the electrifying crushing blow, this movie looks like an absolute blast from start to finish! 

And to any Hollywood exec reading this, cast Kate Beckinsale in more action films! She’s a natural.

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Underworld Awakening 2012 – Gas Scene

Underworld Franchise is the bigger hit, and Kate Beckinsale is the part of it. Underworld Awakening 2012 is the fourth part of this series directed by the Man Marlind and Bjorn Stein. Kate Beckinsale returns as Selene and Michael as a Speedman.

Selene was the blown part of the movie, even from the start or opening minutes. She encounters the new run by Thomas, who is a vampire played by Charles Dance. Speedman never returns in the Underworld franchise, but Kate Beckinsale shares the screen with many male companions. However, in Underworld 2003, this was Thomas’ son David who became the great co-star of Kate Beckinsale. She performed a famous naked gas scene in this movie that makes it a bigger hit than any other part of this Underworld franchise. There is no comparison of her acting skills with any other actress

Pearl Harbor 2001 – Nursing Scene

Pearl Harbor staged a Japanese surprise attack on the American love triangle. It has special effects and a love story of stunning banality.

There was no grace, vision, and originality in the direction of this film. However, Pearl Harbour was directed by Michael Bay and written by Randall Wallace. It strives the story of historical events’ dimensions, but it has drowning dialogues with an oily clinch.

Moreover, Kate Beckinsale plays the role of Navy Nurse with an American pilot Ben Affleck as a hero. He falls with her and gives the iconographic value to her. The nursing scenes of Kate Beckinsale are the reason to make this movie a bigger hit. She fully justifies the nursing role with her acting skills.



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