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Hottest Workout Shopping Brands

No pain, no gain. No cute clothes, no game.

This is the most stylist way to build your workout closet, from your home.


This is the queen brand for working out gurls. It is popular, it is stylish and you will pay for it! LOL. The prices are high is you compare their $80 tights to Forever 21’s $17.99, but Lululemon’s are worth every extra penny. Extra comfortable and all sized available.


Kate Hudson’s brand is the flavor of the month when it comes to fitness apparel. The “it” brand. They are doing well for a reason. They provide affordable and ultra-mega-chic designs at reasonable prices. Their obsession with pairing you with an outfit needs to stop though. It takes too much time, take us to the shopping menu, we can think for ourselves, thanks!

Forever 21

Affordable and always chic, this brand is amazing for those who like to switch styles a lot or don’t want to invest too much on workout gear. They have a great way to mimic expensive styles into cheaper versions that look amazing.


Supposedly, their clothes are stink free. Some of them at least, are promised to keep you fresh during a workout. We did not test it so we can’t confirm, but it seems like a pretty good feature to have on workout gear.




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